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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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North Wales Fire & Rescue

Retained Firefighters

Retained Firefighters

Retained Duty System Firefighters (RDS)

If you live within 5 minutes, are over 18 and looking for an exiting spare time opportunity, the Retained Fire Service may be for you. North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are looking for Men and Women to join the teams of firefighter across North Wales.

RDS are skilled individuals who do ordinary jobs and offer evening, daytime and/or weekend cover. They are ready to go out to a call the moment a message comes through on their pager. They could be at home, working for themselves or for a company. They work effectively as part of a team using the latest equipment methods and techniques to undertake a wide range of duties including attending property fires, grass and farmland fires, road traffic collisions, chemical spills, animal rescue, floods and storm drainage.

RDS are also actively involved in the prevention of fire, particularly in the home. They undertake home fire safety checks offering free advice to occupiers on how to eliminate, or where this is not possible, reduce the risk of fire. This may involve the fitting of smoke alarms.

RDS agree to be available for cover for a certain number of hours a week, they carry a pager and must be able to get to the fire station in 5 minuets of a call during their available hours. Many RDS respond to emergency calls from work and once their pager goes off they respond to the station to deal with the incidents.

Their role calls for courage determination, self motivation and above all a desire to service the community in which they live and work.


If you're an employer who has an employee who has informed you that they wish to become a Retained firefighter, please download our information pack by clicking here.

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Job ID:1666


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