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Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue

The Wholetime Firefighter

The Wholetime Firefighter

Today's modern firefighter is required to be a versatile, multi-talented member of a team, able to utilise a wide range of skills in order to protect and enhance the safety of the community they serve. The ability to communicate effectively with members of the public from all walks of life, in order to educate and inform about the dangers of fire and fire safety measures, is as much a part of the firefighter's role as the high speed response to emergency calls.

Fully qualified firefighters are skilled technicians equipped with, and able to use, the most modern equipment and methods to undertake a full range of firefighting, rescue, special services and fire safety work. Our primary role is to prevent fires and accidents.

On the operational side of the job the working life and training is geared to responding at top speed to emergency calls, regardless of weather conditions or the time of day or night. Each time firefighters are called to an emergency they must be prepared to deploy each and every skill in which they have been trained. On arrival at an incident as part of a team, under the command of a Watch or Crew Manager, they may have to absorb a great deal of information rapidly and apply the skills learnt in conditions which will often be extremely dangerous and confusing.

Despite the preparation for such incidents, firefighters will from time to time be faced with new situations where the answer can only be provided by using initiative, previous training and experience as a guide. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, feeling their way through a smoke filled building in order to effect a rescue, may have limited radio contact with officers and need to deal with situations as they are encountered. In order to function effectively in emergencies, firefighters must possess general physical strength and the capacity for rapid, intense and sustained effort. This must be coupled with initiative and the skilled technician's complete and automatic familiarity with equipment used. Genuine sympathy and compassionate concern for the victims of emergencies, combined with the ability to cope with emotionally harrowing, sometimes traumatic, circumstances are also essential pre-requisites of today's firefighter.

In the Community Fire Safety role, the modern firefighter may be required to talk to school children about the dangers of fire, address community groups on fire safety in the home or give advice to the public or the business community regarding the prevention of accidental fire.

Main purpose of the job:
• To save life
• To protect property from fire and the effects of fire
• To render humanitarian services
• to assist in safeguarding the environment
• to assist in "Making Gloucestershire Safer" by advising and educating the general public and participating in locally organised events

Main duties and responsibilities:
• Respond immediately and safely to all emergency calls
• Minimise distress and suffering
• Regularly attend and participate in practical drills, exercises, lectures and other forms of training ensuring that a high personal standard of practical and technical expertise is maintained
• Operate as an effective team member at all times and maintain the high level of fitness necessary
• Establish and maintain the confidence of members of the public
• Maintain links with the community
• Actively promote and support the principles of fairness and dignity contained in the Service's Fairness and Dignity Policy at all times, along with all relevant legislation, training and information
• Provide the public with fire safety advice and guidance
• Help educate members of the community in Fire Safety matters
• Comply with responsibilities in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Fire Authority's Health and Safety

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Job ID:169


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