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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Hampshire Fire & Rescue

Wholetime recruitment

Wholetime Recruitment
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is not currently accepting any further wholetime firefighter applicationsThe application form will be available again once the recruitment process re-opens
firefighter and ladder

We all have our own idea of what the Fire and Rescue Service does. We see the pictures every day on TV of firefighters putting out fires but few of us know what is really involved.

The truth is that in a modern Fire and Rescue Service fighting fires is only part of what we do. Just as important is our work preventing fires and accidents from happening in the first place; this means working in the community, talking to people, listening, teaching, helping, getting involved and developing new solutions. Who knows how many lives have been saved by sharing knowledge and preventing fires before they start?

What's more, in the twenty-first century we face all kinds of different challenges - there are unpredictable environmental factor like floods and storm, there are transport accidents and unforeseen events like oil spills and the growing threat of terrorism. Protecting society against all of these dangers requires a forward-looking approach and new kinds of skills and knowledge.

Firefighters advise people on fire prevention, escape routes and hazards at home and in business. Firefighters visit schools, teach and work with children to raise awareness of dangers like fireworks and matches. Firefighters get involved in their communities, encourage safety initiatives, inspect buildings to make sure they meet fire safety regulations.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is welcoming and inclusive. Whatever your background, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation you'll be treated with equal respect. Perhaps that's what makes Hampshire Fire and Rescue service such an enjoyable place to work.

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