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Humberside Fire & Rescue

The Role of a Wholetime Firefighter

Role of a Wholetime Firefighter

There are certain personal qualities and attributes that you will need to help you fulfil your role as a Firefighter.

  • Being open to change
  • Able to work with other people from a variety of ages and backgrounds
  • Good at building and developing working relationships
  • Be supportive and a team member
  • Committed to improving skills and learning new things
  • Can stay calm and confident in difficult or stressful situations
  • Able to work alone and follow instructions and guidelines
  • Effective at communicating

The role of a Firefighter is ever changing. Although Responding to Emergencies is what we are known for, the reality is that we spend a lot of time doing other things. Which include community safety, training and development and station routines.

Community Fire Safety
  • To prevent fire and accidents from starting in the first place.
  • Educating the community by visiting schools, community centres, people in their own homes, wherever a safety message can be delivered.
  • Having local knowledge of the area, such as streets, roads and buildings.
  • Advising people about planning escape routes within their own homes in case of a fire.
  • Actively seeking to understand and to value diverse individuals and groups.
Training and Development
  • To undertake a continuous training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practical training sessions and other forms of training to maintain competence levels.
  • Take responsibility for developing your own skills.
  • Ensuring your fitness levels are maintained as the work can be demanding both physically and mentally.
Responding to Emergencies
  • To respond immediately and safely to all emergency calls.
  • Minimise distress and suffering, including giving first aid and trauma care.
  • Dealing with many kinds of emergencies, including pumping out flooded premises, chemical spills, providing casualty care and extraction at road traffic collisions and rescuing people who are trapped in buildings or lifts.
Station Routines
  • You will need to maintain, clean and test fire service equipment ensuring its readiness for use, using approved procedures in accordance with current Health and Safety practice.
  • Each item of equipment to be maintained and updated using standard test records.
  • Access and record information whether written or using basic computer skills.
Firefighter Vacancies

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service are not currently recruiting Wholetime Firefighters.
However, there are Firefighter vacancies at all of our Retained Duty System Fire Stations.

If you are available to attend incidents at one of these stations between 0700 and 1800 please download and complete an Expression of Interest Form and return it as advised.

Expression of Interest Form
Support Vacancies

The following positions are currently available (click a job title for more information)

Please note that application forms can't be completed online.

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