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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue

Wholetime firefighter recruitment


To see our current vacancies please see the Vacancies page.

We are not currently recruiting for permanent wholetime firefighters. The recruitment process for firefighters follows a strict process of stages and we do not accept requests for employment in firefighting outside of this.

About Wholetime Firefighting

The information in this section will give you an insight into the role of a firefighter and will help you decide if being a firefighter is the right career choice for you.



What is a Wholetime Firefighter?

Wholetime firefighters carry out their duties under a system that involves an average of 42 hours of work per week. At Dogsthorpe, Stanground, Huntingdon and Cambridge, a shift watch system is operated which involves some unsocial hours. This currently comprises a shift pattern consisting of four days (two days working 9am to 6pm and two nights working 6pm to 9am the following day), the next four consecutive days are rest days.

At Wisbech, Ely, St. Neots, day shifts are worked and firefighters may be required to respond to emergency calls outside of these hours for extra pay, similar to how retained firefighters operate. These stations are known as 'day crewed' stations.

Firefighters on day crewed stations

Firefighters who are posted to day crewed stations may be required to perform retained duties as part of their shift pattern. Firefighters who are required to work on this shift pattern must live in proximity to the fire station to perform retained duties and, in addition to their wholetime salary, are paid a duty system supplement of 20 per cent of their annual salary, inclusive of the retaining fee. They also receive the appropriate fees for attendance and turnouts in response to emergency calls.

More on retained firefighters.

Further information

For full details on being a wholetime firefighter, please visit the links below:


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