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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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All jobs > Essex County Fire & Rescue > Support > > Retained Firefighter

Essex County Fire & Rescue

Retained Firefighter-Braintree

Location:Braintree Fire Station

Location: Braintree Fire Station
Status: Part-time on the Retained Duty System

Status: Part-time-Day cover or Reduced rate alternate* providing predominantly day cover.

Don't just live in your community - protect it… join the fire service as a Retained Firefighter.

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service offers you the chance to take on new roles, learn new skills and face new challenges. Firefighters working the retained duty system are an integral part of today's Fire & Rescue service. They live or work in smaller towns or villages and they are turned out by pager from either their home address or their normal place of work, you will be trained to handle emergencies and help your community to understand the importance of fire safety.

You must be able to get to Braintree fire station within 4 minutes, this ensures the fire engine can turn out quickly and you must be over 18 and physically fit. Essex fire service is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes all men and women who meet the requirements for entry details of which are shown in the Retained Recruitment pack in this advert.

You will be paid for attending calls, any training undertaken and maintenance work carried out on the fire engine and at the station. In addition, you will also receive a 'retaining' fee for the hours that you agree to provide cover for*.

Braintree is a busy dynamic fire station which can proudly trace its origins back to 1632. If you are serious about joining the team, relish a challenge, are committed and think you have what it takes to be a firefighter - pop along to Braintree fire station on our training night, which is a Monday from 6pm, where we will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

*Reduced rate alternate cover contractually obliges candidates to be on call either from their home address or place of work for emergency calls for at least 90- 120 hours per week.

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Job ID:2999


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