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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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All jobs > Suffolk Fire & Rescue > Whole Time Firefighter > Wholetime Firefighter

Suffolk Fire & Rescue

Wholetime firefighter recruitment

Firefighter training for new wholetime recruits
Contact us:

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Endeavour House
Russell Road
Tel: 01473 260588
Fax:01473 216847

When you are appointed to the role of wholetime firefighter, you will attend specialist training to learn about fire safety and community education.

It takes about three months to complete the basic wholetime training course at a specially-equipped training centre. Here you'll be taught basic firefighting skills such as ladder safety, hose laying and the use of breathing apparatus.

You will also learn about fire safety and community education and the importance of communicating these messages to the community. The training course will involve study both in the training centre and at home in the evenings and weekends. You'll be assessed along the way to monitor your progress.

After grasping the basic skills and gaining your first aid certificate and health and safety certificate, you'll get on-the-spot experience of the heat, flames and thick black smoke of a real fire - controlled in a specially designed Fire House.

The training course is residential and runs weekdays from 8.30am to 5.00pm. You can return home every weekend. After succesful completion, you'll be allocated to a fire station within Suffolk. You'll work on a duty system at that station.

You'll be on probation for your first year and in development until you demonstrate to your manager that you have achieved the correct level of knowledge, skills and performance in your role as a firefighter. When you have demonstrated competence you will be paid a competent rate of pay, the same as all other fully qualified firefighters. Your performance will be continuously assessed throughout your development period and for the rest of your career.

Training and personal development will be an ongoing process throughout your career as a firefighter and you will be expected to participate in all relevant training and development activity. You will be required to contribute to your own development and record this. We want to make sure that you can handle safely the ever-changing demands and hazards you might face in your job.
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Job ID:314


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