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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Surrey Fire & Rescue

Wholetime firefighter opportunities


The Role of the FirefighterThe role of the Fire Service has changed incredibly in the last few years. We now face many different challenges; from environmental issues like floods and storms to the growing threat of terrorism. Therefore, our Firefighters are now required to be even more adaptable than ever before.

Fighting fires and saving lives is still a crucial part of the Firefighters role, however, just as important is the work that they do to prevent fires and accidents from happening in the first place. They need to be able to switch from a reactive role to a more preventative role.

Our Firefighters work closely with the community, talking to people, listening to their issues and concerns, providing advice, expert knowledge and looking for ways to develop solutions. They visit schools and work with children to raise awareness of the dangers like fireworks for example. Firefighters work with people to also raise awareness of fire prevention, escape routes and hazards at home and in business.

Our Firefighters are forward thinking and dynamic - are you up to joining our team? Whatever you background, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation we welcome you.

Recruitment OpportunitiesWe are not recruiting this year. We hope to recruit in 2012 but cannot confirm when at the present time; it is unlikely that it will be before the autumn. Please see the Ordinary People, Extraordinary Career website for more relevant information concerning the Fire and Rescue Service. See also the firefighter fitness programme pdf shown on the national firefighter selections tests webpage.

Please read the documents listed below that will give you further information and guidance:

Files available to download
Ff Candidate GuidanceFirefighter Candidate Guidance pdf

Ff SFRS Recruitment GuidanceFirefighter Recruitment Guidance For Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Ff PayscalesFirefigher Payscales pdf

Ff PQA'sFirefighter Personal Qualities and Attributes pdf

Ff FAQ'sFirefighter Frequently Asked Questions pdf

Ff Recruitment Of Ex Offenders Policy StatementFirefighter Recruitment Of Ex Offenders Policy Statement

Ff Ability Tests Practice BookletFirefighter Ability Tests Practice Booklet pdf

Ff Questionnaire Practice BookletFirefighter Questionnaire Practice Booklet pdf

Ff Interview Practice BookletFirefighter Interview Practice Booklet pdf

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Job ID:328


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