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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Warwickshire Fire & Rescue

Retained Firefighters

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service - Fire Engine

Retained Firefighter

The retained fire service is a group of men and women who do ordinary jobs, but are ready to go to a 'shout' the moment that a call comes. They might be builders or shopkeepers, farmers or plumbers, typists or technicians, but when the call comes, they become part of a dedicated team ready to face any emergency. They may be 'part-time', but they are trained and capable people in the front line, saving lives.

There is a shortage at the moment of people who will turn out and help in an emergency. This is particularly true in small towns and rural areas because nowadays there are fewer people who live and work in their local towns and villages. You might just be the person to fill the gap.

Firefighters come in all shapes and sizes, however its a tough job and you need to be fit and healthy. We are particularly keen for more women to join.

To apply to join the service you don't need any paper qualifications. You must be at least 18, with good all-round fitness and good eyesight. You will be asked to take a straightforward physical test and medical. You must live or work within five minutes of a retained fire station.
Firefighters at Nuneaton Fire Station

On average, you will be called out two or three times a week for a couple of hours. If you cannot be available all the time, that's not a problem. You can be paid for being 'on call' only part of the day or week. There is a shortage of people who are available during midweek working hours, so you could have evenings or weekends free and still do a worthwhile job, If you really can't be on call - for example because of a holiday - you can 'sign off'.

As well as job satisfaction, you will get training in the use of equipment. You get paid a basic retainer, a fee for call outs and another for going into action. You get paid for drill nights and duties like equipment maintenance.

Equal Opportunities

Applications are welcomed from all men and women who meet the entry requirements.

A day in the life of a Retained Firefighter

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If you are interested in becoming a retained firefighter contact your local fire station to find out about current opportunities:

Warwickshire County Council
Recruitment Team, HR Service Centre,
Wedgnock House, Wedgnock Lane, Warwck, CV34 5AP

Tel: 01926 738500 (24 hour answerphone)


Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:341


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