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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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West Midlands Fire & Rescue

Firefighter Self Assessment

The recruitment of firefighters needs to be a timely process taking into account current staffing levels and predicted leavers.

Please ensure that you read through all of the recruitment information provided on this website before you consider applying. Our calendar of events may be useful for you to see when and where the Recruitment Team are going to be available to give advice and answer any questions.

If this is your first visit to our website you may also find it useful to have a go at our self assessment test below:

Self Assessment

Is the role of firefighter suitable for me?

Have a look at the questions in Are you...? our self assessment test below to see if the role of a firefighter is what you thought it would be. Take into account some of the comments made by serving firefighters whilst reading through the questions.

Are you prepared to spend much of your spare time studying and sitting exams over a three year period, working towards an NVQ level 3 in Operations in the Community?
Although I had to sit a written entrance exam as part of the selection procedure, I didn't expect the workload and time and effort involved in studying for my NVQ. There were a lot of sacrifices in my social life that I had to make. Also I really appreciated the time and support given to me by my girlfriend to get me through quite an intense period of my life.
FF Walker Aston Green Watch

Are you willing to work shifts that will include nights, evenings, weekends and public holidays including Christmas and New Year?
I've a young family at home and spending my son's first Christmas away from him, at work was particularly hard, not only for myself but also for my wife. Obviously there needs to be just as much emergency cover over the Christmas period as at any other time of the year so we all have to take our turn at working over the holiday season.
FF Cole Wednesbury White Watch

Are you ready to work outdoors in cold, arduous conditions for long periods through both the day and night?
Dealing with a refuse fire in a derelict building in the middle of a freezing January night is not my idea of fun; however I'm mentally strong and professional enough to get the job done properly. In order to deal with the complex type of incidents, its important that we get the basic types of incident right.
FF Wright Binley White Watch

Are you able to carry out menial, time consuming tasks that may appear unnecessary or worthless at times?
After spending 3 or so hours at the end of an incident digging out or cutting away at a property, I can feel quite despondent and disillusioned with the task in hand. It can take a lot of stamina and self discipline to keep myself motivated to get the task done.
FF Poole Handsworth Red Watch

Are you aware that less than 10% of a firefighters time is taken up actually responding to emergencies?
When I first thought about becoming a firefighter, I imagined it would be all action. I expected the role to be similar to how it is perceived on television going from incident to incident when in reality emergency calls are few and far between thanks to the effective prevention work carried out by all fire crews.
FF Jones, Aldridge Blue Watch

Are you mentally strong enough to deal with highly stressful situations in a positive and professional manner?
Unfortunately, as a firefighter you will have to deal with fatalities from time to time. I dont think there is any way of preparing for such types of incidents. What matters to me is how I'll deal with the situation when it comes along and how I cope with things afterwards. Having the support from my work mates is essential which is why I think we are all so close and have such a good team spirit on our watch.
FF Cooper Ward End Blue Watch


We are not recruiting for Firefighters at the current time.

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