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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Tayside Fire & Rescue


Retained/Volunteer Firefighters

Fire and rescue cover in the rural areas served by Tayside Fire and Rescue is provided by Firefighters on the Retained Duty system and also Volunteer Firefighters. Retained/Volunteer firefighters typically work in the same area in which they live. They can be employed as baker, joiners, shopkeepers, office workers etc however when they are summonsed to an emergency they immediately cease what they are doing and report to their fire station to crew the appliance. They can be called from their home, or work to assist the public at anytime of the day or night, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, except when on holiday or other leave.

They are required to attend the same variety of incidents which a wholetime firefighter would also attend including, fires, road traffic collisions, chemical leaks, flooding etc.

Training and Maintenance Duties
In order to be able to deal safely with different types of incidents the fire and rescue service place a high priority on ensuring their crews are thoroughly trained. As well as the practical skills, firefighters require knowledge in first aid, risk assessment, equal opportunities etc. Much of what they learn will be of benefit in their main employment. But no matter how much training is given a firefighter can only be effective if his equipment is well maintained and therefore checking and testing of equipment forms an important aspect of station workload. Firefighters at retained stations train for two hours each week and carry out four hours of maintenance work every month.

Payment and Rewards
Firefighters at retained stations are paid an annual retainer, hourly rate for training and maintenance in addition to payment for attendance at incidents. A pension scheme is available for those who wish to join it.

Entry requirements
We are looking for women and men who:
Live or work within a few minutes drive of a local Fire Station (list of stations). Are age 18 or over. Have the ability to complete the practical tests and interviews. Are interested in helping their community.

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