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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Strathclyde Fire & Rescue

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Operations Support Centre

Based at Johnstone in Renfrewshire, the Operations Support Centre deals with all emergency 999 calls into SFR and the subsequent mobilisation of resources to respond to fires and other incidents.

Being a Firefighter (Control)
A Firefighter (Control) needs to be able to respond to calls from members of the public often faced with extremely stressful and distressing situations. They need the ability to think clearly and calmly in challenging circumstances and to be able to relate to callers to obtain the information they need to put the resources they need in place to help them.

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What we look for in a Firefighter (Control)
We need you to be able to demonstrate through our selection process that you have qualities we need.

  • Do you have the ability to think clearly and calmly in challenging situations?
  • Do you have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and have an excellent telephone manner?
  • Do you enjoy working in teams?
  • Do you have excellent keyboard skills?

Like our Operational Firefighters, Firefighters (Control) need to be able to work shifts over 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and therefore must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

Career Paths
The career path for a Firefighter (Control) is similar to our Operational Firefighter career structure with a couple of minor differences:

  • Firefighter
  • Crew Commander
  • Watch Commander
  • Station Commander
  • Group Commander
Recruitment and Selection Process
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We need to make sure we get the right people in this vital role. To do that, our selection methods assess you to the highest standards.
We will ask you to:
  • Complete an online application based on the qualities that a Firefighter (Control) needs to have
  • Participate in a series of psychometric tests to measure your ability to carry out the role of a Firefighter (Control)
  • Demonstrate that you can listen and communicate effectively through an audio assessment
  • Attend an interview to determine your suitability to the Firefighter (Control) role
  • Meet the medical standards we need you to have including those for eyesight and hearing ability
  • Meet the requirements of our extensive reference and criminal record checks through Disclosure Scotland

We are currently recruiting Firefighters (Control). The campaign opens on Saturday 15th May and runs for two weeks. To apply please visit:

You can register to receive job alerts to advise you of when our next recruitment campaign starts by going to

Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:446


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