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Firefighter fitness
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How do I apply to be a Firefighter?My job Scotland - Register for a JOB ALERT for information on when we are recruiting

The Board is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

What do firefighters do?

Traditionally, Firefighters are seen fighting fires and rescuing people from burning buildings. However, firefighters use a wide variety of skills to respond to a range of incidents including road traffic accidents, using line rescue equipment to assist people who are trapped, use of specialist equipment to make safe hazardous materials and even water rescues. Firefighters need sensitivity to deal with members of the public when they are distressed and need to be able to solve problems using relevant information.

Dealing with such emergency incidents is vital, but the Fire Service of today has an equally important role within the area of community safety, in which firefighters are extensively involved. We recognise that the best way to fight fires is to prevent them ever starting. This aim is achieved in a variety of ways, but is primarily focused on educating and informing. As a firefighter, you would find yourself supporting education initiatives in schools, youth and community groups and voluntary organisations. Another element of this community safety work is the provision of Home Safety Checks to the community in which you work, advising people on potential hazards within the home, how to minimise risks and fitting smoke alarms when necessary.

Could I be a Firefighter?

Being a firefighter appears an attractive job to many. We receive thousands of enquiries about it each year. It is essential that you have good all-round physical fitness.

Certain qualities needed to make an effective firefighter are not always immediately obvious. Take a minute to consider the following questions. Answer them as honestly as possible to see if you've got what it takes.

  • Are you genuinely interested in people? Can you get on with people from different backgrounds and cultures?
  • Are you committed to promoting the safety of your community?
  • Have you worked as part of a team? Can you work under pressure to support the rest of your team?
  • Can you think on your feet to solve problems, react flexibly and use your initiative?
  • Do you have the sensitivity to deal with members of the public in difficult and emotional situations?
  • Can you take the responsibility for representing a professional service?
  • Are you committed to always maintaining and developing your skills?
  • Are you prepared for working in a role in which you will have to follow instructions from others?
  • Are you prepared to work shift patterns, which may include night shifts, weekend work, and public holidays?
  • Are you someone who is dependable and can be relied on to do something?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you may well be able to cope with the challenges of the Firefighter role.

Site link:For the full job application please click here. Job ID:454


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