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Retained Firefighters

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Our retained firefighters provide a vital service to the communities in which they live, providing fire cover to smaller or rural towns within Lothian and Borders. Retained firefighters are not based in a fire station at all times, but may be at home or be working as shopkeepers or plumbers, typists or builders. But when the call comes to their pager, a retained firefighter must drop what they are doing and get to the fire station within minutes.

Dealing with emergency incidents is vital, but the Fire and Rescue Service of today has an equally important role within the area of community safety, in which retained firefighters are extensively involved. We recognise that the best way to fight fires is to prevent them ever starting. This aim is achieved in a variety of ways, but is primarily focused on educating and informing. As a firefighter, you would be expected to support initiatives in youth and community groups. Another element of this community safety work is the provision of Home Safety Visits in the community in which you work, advising people on potential hazards within the home, how to minimise risks and fitting smoke alarms when necessary.

Could I be a retained firefighter?

First of all, you need to work or live near a fire station, because you have to be able to get there within a few minutes of a call. Secondly, because you can't predict when you'll be called out, you'll have to be flexible. You may be self employed, or have an employer who will let you have time off to attend calls. You'll have to consider what impact being 'on call' for 80-120+ hours per week will have on your life. Finally, firefighters see some distressing events and be involved in dangerous situations. You must consider your ability to cope with this aspect of the job too.

Am I fit for the job?

Firefighters come in all shapes and sizes, although it is a physical job and you need to be healthy with good all-round fitness. Just as important are qualities like common sense, commitment and enthusiasm.

How often will I be needed?

This varies, but on average, you will be called out several times a week. You will have to commit 80-120+ hours of your time to being 'on call'. If you cannot be available all the time, that may not be problem. You can be paid for being 'on call' for only part of the day or week if your available hours meet the needs of the station. There is a particular shortage of people who are available midweek during the day. You may also be required to work some weekends for community safety initiatives.

What are the rewards of being a retained firefighter?

You get paid a basic retainer, a fee for call outs and another for the hours spent in action. You get paid for your weekly drill nights and duties like equipment maintenance.

Apart from the challenges and satisfaction of a job well done, this work gives you the chance to work as part of a friendly team. You'll learn new skills, whether it's rescue work or preventative fire safety work, helping you become more self-reliant and confident.

How do I apply to be a retained firefighter?

Contact your local retained fire station for further information about opportunities as a retained firefighter.

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