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Control Staff

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The LBFRS Control Room is located in Tollcross Fire Station in Edinburgh. Four watches (Red, White, Blue and Green) staff the control room over a 24-hour period generally working the same shifts as an operational firefighter (two day shifts and two night shifts). It is here that the emergency calls are taken. Calls can come from a variety of sources, the general public, other emergency services and our own fire appliances and officers.

What does a Fire Control Operator do?

The role of Fire Control Operator is to accept emergency calls, obtain as much information as possible about the incident in order to identify and despatch the nearest possible appliance to the incident.

Different incident types will require the attendance of different types of appliance, so the operators are required to maintain their knowledge of Fire Service procedures. For each incident, the operator will also need to inform officers, other emergency agencies, utilities or other services, as required by the incident. They will also mobilise any further appliances and meet requests from the Fireground during a developing incident.

Could I be a Fire Control Operator?

There are no specific qualification requirements for a Fire Control Operator, although computer literacy is an advantage, as is previous experience in working with a close knit team. Candidates will undergo selection tests, which include a typing test where speed and accuracy are measured, an information processing exercise and some basic comprehension and logical reasoning tests

Apart from these, possibly one of the most important attributes for a Fire Control Operator is the ability to remain calm and perform efficiently whilst under pressure and during what can be very stressful conditions.

What training do Fire Control Operators receive?

Initially, each member Control room staff will receive approximately 9 weeks training on day duties. After this period and providing they have attained the required standards, they will be assigned to a watch as a supernumerary member for a further 4 weeks.

After this period, and again provided they have reached the required standards, they will become a full member of the watch. The progress of new Control room staff is assessed, by their Watch Manager throughout their probationary period. There is a 2 year probationary period and a qualifying exam at 4 years, which is currently under review.

Fire control operators are also trained to give immediate life saving advice to persons trapped in hazardous situations.

How do I apply to be a Fire Control Operator?

We will advertise any vacancies we have in the 'Jobs' section of our website, within the Job Centre and local press. As the Service has a policy of not keeping CVs on file, you should apply in full to any advertisement.

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