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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue

Support Staff

Careers > Support Staff

There are many other roles in the Fire and Rescue Service, with employees working to provide essential support services in administration and clerical roles, human resources, finance and payroll, IT, administration, communications and occupational health and fitness, to name a few. Technical support services include the management and maintenance of vehicles and operational equipment, catering and cleaning, radio communications, uniforms and protective clothing and procurement.

The Fire Service offers a variety of opportunities as outlined below.

Personnel and Training

This function covers a number of areas. It is the role of Personnel Management to make sure that the Fire Board meets all of the legal and contractual obligations it has to its employees, giving professional advice regarding all aspects of employment legislation, employee relations and HR best practice. Our Health and Safety function, including our Service Medical Advisor and the Occupational Health and Fitness team come under this heading. Areas of work in this function include:

  • Management roles | Human Resources | Occupational Health & Fitness | Training | Administration & Clerical roles
Technical Services

Technical Services is responsible for the upkeep of our property and equipment as well as all aspects of purchasing. Areas of work in this function include:

  • Management roles | Mechanics | Joiners | Electricians | Telecommunications Technicians | Procurement | Caretakers & Cleaners | Cooks
Central Services

Areas of work in this function include:

  • Management roles | Administration & Clerical Support Staff | Communications, media & printing | Finance & Pays | IT
Operations and Community Safety

Administration and clerical staff provide this function with the necessary support to provide an efficient service to our community.

How do I apply for jobs in these areas?

We will advertise any vacancies on our Current Vacancies page, within the Job Centre and local press. As the Service has a policy of not keeping CVs on file, so you should apply in full to any advertisement.

Site link:For the full job application please click here. Job ID:457


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