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How to become a firefighter
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Firefighter fitness
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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Central Scotland Fire & Rescue

Want to become a Firefighter?

Want to become a Firefighter?
"A firefighter, to be successful, must enter buildings, must get in below, above, on every side, from opposite houses, over back walls, over side walls, through panels of doors, through windows, through loopholes,through skylights, through holes cut in gates, the walls, the roof: must know how to reach the attic from the basement by ladders placed on half burnt stairs, and the basement from the attic by rope made fast on a chimney. The firefighter's whole success depends on getting in and remaining there and they must always carry their equipment with them, as without it they are of no use".

So wrote Sir Eyre Massey Shaw in his book, Fires and Fire Services. These words , only slightly modified to reflect the modern world, though written nearly a century ago, are as true today as they were written.

If you think you are up to the challenge read on:Hot FireThere is little doubt that fire fighting is a physically demanding occupation. In emergency situations firefighters are required to work quickly and efficiently whilst wearing protective clothing, handle heavy equipment and being exposed to extremes of heat and other hazards. The Protective Clothing and Breathing Apparatus worn by today's modern firefighter weighs over 25 Kgs - and this is before work starts!

Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service therefore wishes to ensure that it recruits people capable of being able to do the job. Along with all other Services it applies some specific tests of physical fitness. These are strength and stamina and these are assessed early in the recruitment stage.

A firefighters duty may be summarised as:-
  • To Save Life.
  • To prevent the destruction of property by fire.
  • To render Humanitarian Services.

To accomplish the above duties a firefighter must:-
  • Respond immediately to all emergency calls.
  • Ensure that all firefighting appliances and equipment are maintained at a high state of readiness.
  • Regularly participate in practical training, theoretical training and attend other training courses as required to ensure that a high personal standard of practical and technical expertise is maintained at all times.
  • Maintain a high level of physical fitness and be able to work both as a team member and show initiative on their own.
  • Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the station's geographical area, including traffic routes, street names, special risks, potential hazards and water supplies.
  • Assist in communicating all aspects of Fire Safety and Fire Prevention to the community.
  • Be willing to carry out any other reasonably required duties as directed by an Officer.

You should ensure that you have sufficient information about the job, the physical requirements and the Firefightertraining to be in a position to make an informed choice as to whether the job is the right one for you and, just as importantly, whether you are right for the job.

Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation and the training can be very hard. You must be certain you have made the right choice and so must we.

So what is it we are looking for? The whole process is designed to identify the core abilities and qualities which are required in a modern firefighter. This is a combination of physical fitness, intelligence, determination, aptitude for team working and the ability to absorb information and learn quickly. Additionally we look for a high level of self discipline and an acceptance of authority.

Below is the criteria for joining the Fire Service:-
  • You must have attained the age of 18 years before applying.
  • Pass point of entry tests (multiple choice answers.) Therefore, a reasonable educational level required.
  • Have generally a good level of fitness to pass the shuttle run (Bleep test) level 8.6. and statutory strength tests.
  • Successfully complete job orientated practical tests.
  • Pass a formal interview and successfully pass a medical examination.
Eyesight Standard:-
  • Aids to vision accepted, corrected visual acuity should be 6/9 with both eyes and a minimum of 6/12 in the worst eye.
  • Minimum uncorrected vision will be 6/18, 6/24.
  • Minimum requirement to read N 12 at 30 cm (with correction).
  • Requirement to be considered colour safe i.e. certain degree of colour impairment may be acceptable.

Retained Firefighters
brig_o_turk_028_phixr.jpg Retained firefighters are a vital part of today's Fire and Rescue Service. They provide an efficient and effective service that gives emergency cover to more than 90% of the UK.

The 14,000 firefighters that make up the Retained Fire and Rescue Service are generally located in rural communities, although some units are located in busier areas to provide extra fire cover alongside their full-time colleagues.

Retained firefighters are paid volunteers who do the same job as full-time firefighters. However, instead of being based in a fire station, retained firefighters are on standby waiting to be called out.

Equipped with the same kit, vehicles and equipment as a full-time station, a retained crew will be called upon to attend the same range of incidents as their wholetime counterparts at any time of the day or night. In return they are paid a retaining fee along with additional payment for every incident attended.

To be a retained firefighter you need to be physically fit and live and/or work close to the fire station. Many retained firefighters are in full-time employment with agreement from their employers to leave work to attend an emergency call, others are available after work, at weekends or offer time between caring commitments for example when their children are at school. People who are unemployed are also attracted to this worthwhile commitment.

Retained firefighters play a full and valuable role in the Fire and Rescue Service - they receive the same respect from the community and gain the same satisfaction as full-time firefighters. Vacancies are advertised in the press and in Job Centres throughout the service areas and also on our website.

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