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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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All jobs > Grampian Fire & Rescue > Whole Time Firefighter > Wholetime Firefighter

Grampian Fire & Rescue

Full-Time Firefighters

Application Process
We are not recruiting at this time.

The following information gives general details of the role of a Full-time Firefighter.

Full Time Firefighter
There's more to the job than fighting fires. The job is varied, unpredictable and demanding. Certain skills are required to become a firefighter that will enable you to work as part of a team, helping the community that relies on your training and expertise.

Firefighters are routinely required to deal with incidents that involve serious injury and loss of life. This requires strength of character and an ability to act professionally under stressful conditions.

The Fire Service is also a team based environment. We operate almost exclusively in crews and it is vital that you are comfortable working in a team environment.

Essential Requirements
There are some essential requirements you must meet before an application to work as a firefighter will be continued.

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service is committed to promoting firefighting as a career to all sections of the community. At present, women and members of ethnic minority communities are under-represented in our workforce and we would particularly welcome applications from members of these groups.

After recruitment, serving firefighters are required to treat all their colleagues, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or racial background, with dignity and respect. Opportunities for further training and development within the Service are open to all staff regardless of gender of background.

Career Development
All firefighters start in the rank of firefighter and everyone has an equal chance of promotion.

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service continually strives to develop a skilled and motivated workforce that provides motivated individuals with the skills and ability to deliver a professional fire service.

Training is an on-going process through a firefighter's career, from initial training at the Scottish Fire Service College to continual training at the Service's purpose built training centre.

Site link:For the full job application please click here. Job ID:505


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