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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue

Firefighter Command & Control

Firefighter Command and ControlCommand and Control ? The First Point of Call

Command and Control is the place where all 999 calls for fire and rescue services in an emergency in Derbyshire go to. Personnel also provide survival advice and support until fire crews arrive on scene.

Based at the Service?s headquarters in Littleover, Derby, the highly skilled personnel receive and action a range of emergencies from house fires to road traffic collisions, chemical incidents to industrial emergencies and many other emergency situations.

Using advanced, sophisticated technology and other information available to them, Control Room personnel are able to evaluate each incident reported to them and mobilise the nearest fire appliances, officers and resources.

Control room personel in the state-of-the-art control room

Command and Control personnel remain in touch with fire crews at all incidents and closely liaise with other Service personnel, or other services/agencies that are involved. They record and update information onto an incident log, as well as processing requests from the incident ground.

Command and Control personnel provide a 24 hour cover for fire and rescue emergency 999 calls, 365 days a year. They work in four teams - red, white, blue and green watches. Each watch works two day shifts (0800-1900) and two night shifts (1900-0800) and then have four days rota (off duty).

In 2009-2010, Command and Control personnel received 19,366 calls and co-ordinated responses to 10,951 attended incidents.

Command and Control Recruitment

For future recruitment, please check the vacancies section of this website or check the job vacancy pages in the local press. Vacancies are also advertised at Jobcentre Plus.

What is the salary?

As a trainee Firefighter (Control) your starting salary will be 20,099.

All new Firefighter (Control) trainees are put on a two year development programme and the salary increases as they progress from ?trainee? to ?development? and then, following completion of this programme, to ?competent?.

What are the entry requirements?

Control room personnel need to be at least 18 years of age, with clear speech, the ability to spell accurately, have good keyboard skills and the ability to work within a pressurised environment.

What are the promotion prospects?

All personnel within Command and Control start as Firefighter (Control). However, there are opportunities for promotion to Crew Manager (Control), Watch Manager (Control), Station Manager (Control) or Group Manager (Control).

What is the Selection Process?

Each applicant will need to be successful at each stage of the selection process. The different stages are:

  • application form
  • assessment day (including audio dictation, numeracy and comprehension)
  • interview
  • reference check
  • medical screening

Will I need to undertake any training?

To ensure operator efficiency and knowledge, training is of paramount importance. Command and Control personnel receive an initial training course of six weeks on ?day duties?, followed by a probationary period of one year on a watch, with a two year probationary syllabus. Subsequent training is carried out, to maintain the high standards needed to keep the Command and Control room running efficiently.

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