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Fire Service Recruitment : Job Details
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Dorset Fire & Rescue



Firefighters who work the retained duty system are required at the following fire stations (specific requirements posted where available):

We are looking for men and women who would like to serve their community by becoming firefighters who work the retained duty system. Retained duty system firefighters are a vital part of Dorset Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS). They provide an efficient, effective service that gives emergency cover in many of our communities. Firefighters who work the retained duty systems carry out the same work as full-time firefighters.

The only difference is that firefighters who work the retained duty system are on call from their home or work address rather than from a fire station. The number of hours a retained duty system firefighter is on-call to respond to incidents varies according to individual circumstances and the needs of each fire station. This information is gathered in the application process and the hours that are stated then become the contracted hours we expect someone to be available to respond to incidents.

Local arrangements can be made if slight variations to the stated hours occur on a weekly basis. These changes have to be agreed with the respective Station Commander in advance.

Could you be a Retained Firefighter?

To be a retained firefighter you must be 18 years of age in order to commence training, physically fit and live or work within four minutes of a fire station with a retained duty system section. Just as important are qualities such as:

  • common sense
  • commitment
  • enthusiasm
  • patience
  • a desire to contribute to the community.

Apart from the excitement, satisfaction and pride, opportunities exist to be part of a dedicated, well skilled team, to develop new skills, re-discover old ones and to help improve the safety in your community.

What reward do we offer?

DFRS are extremely proud of our retained firefighters. We offer a full firefighter development programme that is quality assured. This will give you all of the knowledge skills and understanding to undertake the role of a firefighter safely. Many of the skills that are developed through the firefighter development programme, will help you in other areas of work.

But if it is money:

Retained firefighters receive:

  • a basic annual payment (a retainer) and fees for each emergency they respond to

  • fees for weekly training sessions and for additional duties.

The exception to this is Dorchester fire station where firefighters are paid a salary.

On average a retained duty system firefighter may be called out two or three times a week. Occasionally these call-outs may be for a few hours.

We strongly recommend that you read the following information and consider the content carefully before requesting an application pack:

This information is also available in hard copy from every fire station that has a retained duty system section. The stations usually have someone available between 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm once a week on their training night. Details of each station's training nights are listed below. Please visit for more detailed information on:

  • fitness standards
  • fitness test and general advice
  • guidance on physical fitness training.

Training Nights

01. Lyme Regis - Monday
02. Charmouth - Monday
03. Bridport - Monday
04. Beaminster - Monday
05. Maiden Newton - Wednesday
06. Portland - Thursday
07. Weymouth - Thursday
08. Dorchester - Monday & Wednesday
09. Sherborne - Wednesday
10. Sturminster Newton - Monday
11. Gillingham - Monday
12. Shaftesbury - Monday
13. Blandford - Tuesday
14. Bere Regis - Tuesday
15. Wareham - Tuesday
16. Swanage - Tuesday
17. Hamworthy - Thursday
18. Poole - Thursday
19. Wimborne - Tuesday
20. Cranborne - Tuesday
21. Ferndown - Wednesday
25. Verwood - Tuesday
26. Christchurch - Thursday

Could you do it?

Let's start with the four minutes attendance time. Please enter your postcode below. A match will give confirm that your standby location is within your local fire station's response area. Please note that this is only a guide to your proximity to the station.

Are you still interested?

If so, please fill in the form below and we will send you an application pack.

Please be aware the recruitment process can take up to six months to complete.

Home Address:
Telephone (day):
Telephone (evening):
Station applying for:

Where will you be responding from?

Home and Work
Work Address 1:
Work Town:
Work County:
Work Postcode:

Do something to help your community Consider the Retained Duty System It may be your business, family or neighbour you rescue!!

Think about it?

Applications for firefighter positions are particularly welcome from women and members of ethnic minority groups, as these groups are currently under-represented within Dorset Fire & Rescue Service.

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service is a values led organisation and we are committed to equal opportunities.

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